• picbikeAge Range: 20-75

  • Duration: 16 Weeks

  • Compensation: $300 and 5-month gym membership

This research study tests the effects of aerobic fitness training on cognition and brain activity. First, we perform a phone screen to see if you meet our eligibility criteria. If you do, we invite you to come to our lab located at the Columbia University Medical Center campus to sign a consent form. We will also schedule a fitness test and your orientation phase for a later date.

During this fitness assessment you will be asked to perform an exercise stress test during which you pedal a stationary bike. If the results of the test indicate that you are eligible for our study, you will begin a two-week orientation phase at one of the five YMCA locations in Manhattan that is most convenient for you.

Upon completing the orientation phase, you will be scheduled for two appointments: an MRI scan and a cognitive testing session. After these appointments you will be randomly assigned to one of two groups.

Group 1: Aerobic Exercise group

If you are assigned to exercise group, you will complete 12 weeks of aerobic exercise (4x/week, one hour at a time) at the YMCA Fitness Center.

Group 2: Waitlist group

If you are assigned to the waitlist group, you will continue with your regular activities for 12 weeks with no regular exercise. After completion of this 12-week period, you will receive your YMCA membership and can begin to exercise.
After the 12 weeks, participants from both groups return to the Medical Center for a second MRI scan, a second cognitive testing session, and a second exercise stress test.


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